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关于”我最喜爱的一本书100词“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:My favorite book is 100 words.。以下是关于我最喜爱的一本书100词的托福英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My favorite book is 100 words.

Many people ask me which book is my favorite, and I always answer them with pride. It's about the whole history of China. It's a long story for me.

I first came across this book when I was two years old. My mother bought it for me as a gift that I sold for five years. It's a very good gift.

It opens a door to history for me. It's a complete blank Ku's boy, after that, I almost forgot dinner. Since then, I am a historian in my class.

As I get older and older, I show my classmates what I learned from that book. I have more knowledge about China and have more confidence in my own China. I am proud that I am a Chinese.

I will work hard to build a stronger country and make Chinese history more brilliant like me. This is the most important book in my life. I am still reading it and reciting part of it.

I think everyone should read it and get this wonderful experience.




万能作文模板2:我最喜欢的书是 100 字。

I like reading, because I like all kinds of books, because they not only broaden my vision, but also give me inspiration. So far, I have read a lot of books, such as magazines, novels and story books. But one of my favorite books is my life story.

It was created by the American writer Helen Kellin. She is a blind mute American writer. He wrote that she had been invisible, deaf and speechless since she was one year old and seven months old.

This unusual event made her very sad. At the age of seven, she met Miss Sullivan. She was her good teacher.

Helen is getting hier every day. Then Miss Sullivan helped her learn how to write English. At first, Miss Sullivan wrote down some words over and over with her fingers on Helen's hand.

Helen is a very diligent girl, so she remembers words as much as possible. Since then, she has written and published many famous works. My life story is one of them.

My life story describes how she became an outstanding writer and educator in the world. &It shows us a universe. If you do it with your heart, nothing is difficult.

That's why I like it best. what about you?.










Alice's fantasy trip is one of my favorite books I have read during the winter vacation. It tells a very interesting story. I like this book because it tells me a lot.

It lets me know how to face my life. I read a book called Leo, which I read in the comic book when I was a child. But now I have read this book, read this book, this book is about one Mufasa's book is the king of private land.

He has a brother named ska. He is a healthy man. He wants to be the king of the future and the leader of all animals.

But his dream is broken by Mufasa's newborn baby - Simba is a very lovely little lion. Because Mufasa will become the future king after Mufasa dies, scar has no chance to kill in such a hurry Both of them died, so he put Simba in danger and killed Mufasa. He tells Simba that all this is false, because Mufasa is dead, because he tries to protect Simba, Simba runs away in fear.

He meets two friends in a beautiful place. Simba will come with time, but once Simba meets his best friend Sara, he follows her back to his kingdom and discovers the truth of his father's death So he killed the scar and lived hily with other animals. It's a good story for everyone.

It's easy for children to understand the main story, but it's good. For an older person, because it tells us that it's important to face the past. Even if you know that the past can hurt people, you have to face it and learn from it.

Don't let it hen next time. Make the future better and hier. Read different kinds of books But Harry Potter is my favorite.

It's a long story, but I'm interested in it because he's a brave and intelligent boy who dares to fight against powerful enemies, and his Z-shaped scar and wand bring me into a magical world. In fact, the story is very meaningful. I can learn a lot from it.

I think it is the best book I have ever read.




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