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关于”用介绍一位伟人“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:with an introduction to a great man。以下是关于用介绍一位伟人的高一英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:with an introduction to a great man

A: As we all know, how did Samsung in South Korea start? I can tell you that you have a sense of responsibility. As a bird, this is a high percentage of Korean people who often imitate the design, production and sales of moto Samsung and other manufacturers. Now they support domestic live bird manufacturers and hope that China's mobile phones can contribute.

I hope our support has been watching the world news. Now Xuanyuan is fighting everywhere. I heard that foreign computer manufacturers stay in the back door and computers I can know the specific location of mobile phones.

If there is a war one day, I don't want to watch it because we use imported mobile phones. The enemy's missile lock was used to watch TV several years ago. The Chinese have made them all imported.

Now look at Changhong and Hong Kong card. You can witness the future when you see the birds. I am proud to say to your children that the growth of birds has my supporters.

B: I strongly oppose it For supporting Chinese mobile phones, the reason is simple: it is our own enterprise, but it is cheaper. Secondly, the quality is not as bad as others say. If my CECT has always been Zapai, it will give people the impression that it is long and ugly, but it is cheap when I buy it.

The meta function is 10 megapixel, MP handwriting, with expanded memory, and the screen is: 2-inch screen with x-resolution The power supply is both necessary and sufficient. Xiadu didn't say it. It took a year, nothing.

It has a good camera. The general effect of MP3 is static for three days. Xiaxin A3 + is a function of megapixels.

MPM memory. The screen is: x-resolution 2-inch screen, ultra-thin fuselage [Midea]. Two power companies can also charge the network.

The camera [QQ is video] took two months , throw it a few times, no problem. The last time it is played, it is as clear as it is. It is definitely not the same as megapixel, which is different from foreign countries.

However, this mobile phone camera is very slow, and the MP3 effect is good.


A: 我们都知道,韩国的三星是怎么开始的?可以告诉你是有责任心的,作为鸟,这是经常模仿MOTO三星等厂家设计生产、销售的高比率的韩国民众,现在支持国内的活鸟制造商,希望中国的手机能有贡献,希望我们的支持一直在看世界新闻,现在轩辕到处都在打仗,以前听说国外的电脑厂商都待在后门,电脑可以知道手机的具置,如果有一天打仗,我不想看那是因为我们用的是进口手机,那几年前敌人的锁看电视,中国人都做过,都是进口的,现在看看长虹,港卡看到你以后的就可以见证未来了,骄傲的对你的儿女说,鸟的成长有我的支持者B:我强烈反对支持中文手机,原因很简单:他是我们自己的企业,但是比较便宜,其次质量不是像别人说的那么差,如果我的CECT一直被扎派给人的印象其实是长的难看,但是买的时候价格便宜,元功能是万像素,MP手写,具有扩展内存,屏幕是:X分辨率的2英寸屏幕,这两个电源既必要又充足,夏都没有说,花了xx年时间,什么都没有,有一个好的摄像机,MP3一般的效果是静止三天有夏新A3+,是一个功能百万像素,MPM内存,屏幕是:X分辨率的2英寸屏幕,超薄机身[美的]两个电源公司充电时网络也能摄像头[QQ就是视频]花了两个月时间,扔了几次,没问题,最后一次播放,用起来就跟清晰一样,绝对不是说同样是百万像素,比国外做了区别,但是这款手机摄像头很慢,MP3效果不错。


In my heart, my father is a great man. He gets up early to work. If he comes home late, he works hard.

What he does is for the family and supporting my education. Once I ask him if he is tired, he smiles and says that I am his sweet burden. I feel very moved.

His love for me is so deep.




After Qin Shihuang unified China, he and his chief adviser Li Si passed a series of major economic and political reforms and carried out huge projects, including the construction of China's first great wall, the now famous ized mausoleum, guarded by a living terra cotta warriors and horses, and a huge national road system, Qin Shihuang did not hesitate to sacrifice many lives To ensure stability, Qin Shihuang banned Confucianism and buried many scholars alive. Except for the official books, all the books were banned and burned. This is the so-called "Great Purge of Confucianism".

Despite his autocratic rule, Qin Shihuang is considered to be a key figure.



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